THE DOMINA KATHRYN  is a Professional Sensual Dominant Woman based in London,United Kingdom The Domina Kathryn is an experienced practitioner of the Arts of Female Dominance.  SHE is a Strict Disciplinarian and Fetish / Role Play Guide who offers unique, quality sessions to men, women and couples.  The DOMINA KATHRYN is well versed in the Arts of Bondage, Domination/submission, Sado -Masochism and the Erotic Exchange of Power – all within a Domestic setting.  So whether you seek the occasional escape from your daily routine, or seek discipline to help improve your focus and concentration in your work, or have a deeper need to serve and worship this Powerful Domestic Domina, you will be very pleased by the experience only SHE can provide you.

Her private play space is within her elegant home and is fully equipped to satisfy your most perverse desires.  But please take note:   SHE does not have a dungeon or offer a dungeon experience.  If you are seeking a dungeon experience (whips, chains, gothic and dark) you must go elsewhere.

The Domina Kathryn’s practice of classic domestic-style discipline, ranges from adult baby play/ infantilism to the chastisement of a recalcitrant boyfriend or office subordinant.  You may expect her to enjoy taking firm control in any situation, and SHE is particularly drawn to roles of traditional female authority such as a Mommie Dearest, Mean Old Teacher, School Nurse or Bitch Boss in the Office!

Some of her favorite role-playing scenarios involve the administration of corporal punishment such as over the knee spanking, strapping, face slapping, mouth soaping, switching, paddling and caning.

In her elegant dress of skirts, silk blouses, pearls and high heels SHE will play a “Mommy Knows Best” role, bending naughty boys over for punishment and correction. Some little boys behave in such an immature manner that diapers are required.

Examinations by Mommie Dearest or the School Nurse are sometimes necessary to insure proper health, and to deter inappropriate habits.  After all, certain activities should be fully supervised, and the threat of a reddened bottom will keep any boy from disobeying.

The Domina Kathryn specializes in:

– Corporal Punishment

– Role Play

– Key Holding and Chastity Control

– Recreational Scoldings

– Tormenting

– Teasing & Denial

– Cross Dressers

– Spanking (Over the Knee, hairbrush, strap and paddling)

– Foot, Shoe, Nylon Fetish

– Adult Baby Play, Diaper Play, Infantilism

– Humiliation

– Mouth Soaping

Each session is unique, unscripted and never rushed.

She is very experienced and adept at wickedly sensual or exquisitely inventive fantasies and role play scenarios.

Your submission to her, your masochism – these things can be expressions of great trust, and she will answer your efforts with strength and compassion. BDSM exploration can yield us truly profound experiences, connections, and personal insight, and she will be delighted to offer you her guidance and support on your journey.

The Domina Kathryn is a mature safe, sane, and consensual player. This means she will respect your limits and will not engage in activities that carry an inherent risk of injury in her professional play. That said, most activities you engage in, including BDSM, do carry a measure of risk.  You are encouraged to examine these risks before you play.  She will always be happy to answer your questions or refer you to reputable sources of information.  Please be aware of the following boundaries before contacting her:  The Domina Kathryn does not approach S & M from a place of pathology:  that is to say, she is not interested in engaging in physically or emotionally damaging activities, inflicting permanent marks, playing without a safeword, or otherwise violating the bounds of consent.  She expects anyone who contacts her to share this mindset.  She is strict and firm tempered by wisdom and experience.

Know When You Are Beaten !


Domestic Discipline enthusiasts are a special breed.  The Domina Kathryn’s entrance into kinky play came by way of an early passion for spanking and role play. Private explorations with organizations like Shadow Lane and spanking circles around the country introduced her to the proper administration of punishment as demonstrated by an extraordinary attention to detail and a love of traditional images of strict control and proper correction.

What is truly kinky about domestic discipline is the eroticization of everyday objects and settings: a hairbrush retrieved from Mother’s purse; a wooden ruler from the teacher’s desk; your Aunt’s heavy wooden spoon; the school nurse’s discipline paddle.

Many people are drawn to age play, which offers a distinctly grown-up retreat into the carelessness (and powerlessness) of childhood. Punishable offenses may range from possession of contraband (chewing gum, a pack of cigarettes, or an inappropriate magazine) to being caught red-handed in Mother’s panty drawer.

Others appreciate the ritual of role play but prefer to remain in their adult selves when receiving discipline. And still others love spanking for the pure, passionate sensation of spanking. With or without role play, an extended visit over the knee can be a magical combination of submissive masochism and deep tissue massage!

The Domina Kathryn’s home is a classic Spanish style bungalow, surrounded by lush gardens, oak and palm trees, features elegant, beautifully appointed play rooms, and a shower and powder room for your comfort, all with high ceilings, early 20th century architecture and great attention to décor.  Her home is devoted to the art of Domestic Discipline and is  free from any form of dungeon apparatus. She has a personal fetish for retro-fashion and collects period dresses, aprons, and foundation garments which capture the essence of traditional female strength and beauty.

The Domina Kathryn considers BDSM a form of creative self-expression which utilizes fantasy to challenge, exhilarate, arouse, and de-stress. Her intention with any scene is to engineer a unique and engaged experience which incorporates the desires of her subjects in a way which is pleasing to her. She does not need to impress you with histrionic prose concerning her dominance, nor can she tell you how you will feel when you meet her.  Such things cannot be foreseen, however, you may expect that she shall handle the gift of your submission with respect and dignity.  You are expected to reciprocate.

The Domina Kathryn seeks to create experiences that are mutually enjoyable. To that end, you must follow directions, respect boundaries, and communicate openly. This is your chance to let go of the responsibilities in your life and the need to take initiative beyond her boundaries.  You are invited to enter into that experience fully.  It begins with a thorough understanding of what SHE desires and expects as described herein on this website.  Her sessions are about creating intense psychological relationships and experiences.  




Note: Any reference to babies or children on this site is purely within the context of role-play between consenting adults over the age of 21.  The Domina Kathryn does NOT condone any involvement of minors in such activity.


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