In this world we are expected to live our lives within the bounds of our assigned gender roles – maintaining them no matter how they may chafe or restrict us. This is an unfortunate state of affairs, but also a convenient one, as it means playing with gender is extremely taboo. And what is more thrilling than playing with forbidden things? Especially when they are silky, and lacy, and make you look sooo pretty…

Courses of study at her Finishing School:

– Instruction in the Feminine Arts

– Hussy Training and Objectification Play

– Complete Transformations

– Cross-Dressing and Lighter Forms of Gender Subversion

Cross dressing and feminization, either forced or cooperative, have been interests of the Domina Kathryn since her very first boyfriend borrowed her black lace garter belt. Gender retraining, sissy education, and feminist rewiring will result in an intensive remodel of your old, tired place in society. Become useful, sensuous, sexy, exploited or objectified under her keen supervision and command. The process might involve physical transformation (lingerie, wigs, make-up, epilation, breasts and shapewear), joining her for a girls’ night out with her friends, or being kept at home to serve in ways that suit the obedient housewife you will become.


You feel my eyes on you, and you blush. It embarrasses you to think about how good you feel this way, all dolled up in satin and lace, teetering a little on your heels. You glance up, hoping to see in my face a reflection of what you feel, that you are beautiful, desirable. Yes, you see it there, my eyes raking over you so appraisingly, my smile betraying my admiration for every angle and curve. You are a pretty thing after all…