Play involving age regression holds a special place in her heart. As grownups we are rarely allowed to let go of our accountability, and the responsibilities of adulthood often lay heavily on our shoulders. It can be a profound relief to let these concerns go for a time – to allow ourselves to feel the carelessness and vulnerability of childhood again…

Headstrong young men and ladies will find their willful behavior quickly and thoroughly corrected in her boudoir. Naughty girls and boys will learn the consequences of giving in to temptation when they find themselves over her knee. Though strict, SHE is interested in your growth rather than your debasement. After all, SHE does not believe that you are incorrigible. You just need an authoritative, compassionate woman to guide you back to your good intentions… and a firm hand to keep you there!

Age regression is a definite need for some adults.  The Domina Kathryn’s home has a cozy, fully equipped nursery which is fully stocked with stacks of freshly laundered diapers (as well as disposables), baby powder, lotion, blankies, pacifiers, bottles, etc.  Diapering is ALWAYS required, with or without the little one’s cooperation.

SHE also enjoys such activities as story-time, bath-scrubs, board games, and bottle feedings.

Naughty babies may require harsher measures. Bratty tantrums or misbehavior will not be tolerated, so mischief makers, take heed: Over-the-knee correction awaits! Scolding, corner time, confinement and restraint are some of the other punishments inflicted on unruly tykes. Protest or whining will only make it worse, so behave or be punished!

Sometimes babies need to be cared for overnight. As Mommy, Auntie, or babysitter, I will dress you in jammies, nurse you with a bottle of warm milk, and tuck you into your crib for restful slumbers and sweet dreams.

Her implements of Domestic and Institutional Discipline:

– Over-the-Knee Spanking

– Traditional Corporal Punishment

– Scolding and Admonishments

– Mouth Soaping

– Corner Time

– Recitations

– Embarrassing Examinations by the School Nurse

Adult Baby and Diaper Dominance

Adult infants will be coddled and cared for in a soft, sweetly decorated nursery. Misbehaving men and adult incontinents will find themselves diapered and swaddled in plastic pants before they know what’s happening – forcibly, if necessary. Whether you are a true adult baby, a sissy, or someone who simply enjoys the sensation of wearing a diaper, I invite you to explore with me this delightfully taboo arena of play.

My favorite pastimes in the Nursery:

– Infantilism and Adult Baby Play

– Adult Diapering and Embarrassing Predicaments

– Sissification

– Specialized Discipline for rambunctious little ones

Diaper Play

My hands graze over you, smoothing unruly wisps of hair, adjusting your bib, checking your diaper for telltale moisture. I smile down, my eyes whispering what you already know: you are safe with me. As you watch my gentle bustlings, you sigh softly. You feel completely vulnerable, perfectly content – you have finally come home to yourself again.

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Note: Any reference to babies or children on this site is purely within the context of role-play between consenting adults over the age of 21 I do not condone any involvement of minors in such activity.