I LOVE my Diapered Sissies !!!!

Recently, one of my new Submissives introduced me to the website:  www.diaperedsissy.com … and I have been delightedly reading Daniella’s Nursery Stories!!

Daniella’s Nursery

 Welcome to Daniella’s Nursery Stories

 Visions of a Diapered Sissy

By Daniella

Part 1: Start to the Day

The chirp of the birds outside the window is what first brings Daniella from her dreams of sissy delights. As the veil of sleep lifts she opens her eyes and glance through the bars of the crib. Though the dawns light is just beginning to stream through the window, the night light still illuminates the wall across from the crib. The pink walls silhouette the bars of the crib.

Daniella shifts, stretching as best she can to shake of sleep from her limbs. She cannot move far as she is tethered to in the crib by a harness belt. The thick leather belt is locked to the side of the by two straps preventing her from wondering off in the night. Her hands have been rendered useless by being wrapped tight with Vet wrap, a clingy strong wrap that is used for animals, and then safely secured in mittens. The mittens and wraps rob her of all dexterity leaving her hands useless. Her wrists are secured by fine chain to the waist belt. Her legs are forced apart by the very thick and very wet diapers she has worn through the night. A baby doll nightie is the pajamas of choice for an early summer night.

Being in diapers 24/7 and forced to drink a continuous parade of liquids has left her bladder very relaxed. Without a conscious thought the water she drank at bedtimes releases into the waiting diaper, spreading its warm in the sodden diaper. The triple thick diapers raises to the challenge and sponges up the pee.

Nanny and Daniella have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. Each helps fills the needs and desires of the other. They both enjoyed had lived unconventional interests and had developed alternative lifestyles. They shared an interest in gender explorations, Dominance and submission, and a love of BDSM. They had decided on role and term Nanny as Nanny was not comfortable with the responsibility that being “Mommy” might entail. This struck a balance between caretaking responsibilities and that did not cross into infantile dependence. Daniella, for her part, was to be submissive and deferential to Nanny’s will and still responsible for her own well being.

As Daniella waits helplessly in her crib, Nanny gets the day started. Daniella morning formula, a watery mix of single grain oatmeal formulated for infants, awaits in the refrigerator for Nanny to heat up. Once warmed, Nanny pours the cereal into the feeding bad. She adds a pint of prune juice to the mix and heads for the nursery. The mixture tops of at almost 2 liters.

Daniella glances at the door as Nanny steps through. “I hope Daniella is hungry this morning”, Nanny says. Daniella coos affirmatively from the crib. Nanny attaches the bag to an IV stand next to the crib and attached the feeder gag to the hose. Daniella has few options but to accept the gag once offered by Nanny. Any refusal or slightest hesitation will result in dire consequences later.

Nanny sets the flow to the lowest volume possible. This will keep Daniella occupied for the next hour while Nanny gets ready for her day. The feeder gag is made of think rubber with multiple holes in the tip. There is no way to block all the holes with her mouth and tongue. A hard plastic tube extends through the middle of the gage preventing Daniella from cutting off the flow by biting down. The gag is strapped tightly to her head which prevents her from forcing it out. Nanny locked Daniellas collar to the head board of the crib which prevents Daniella from bending forward and allowing her mitten hands from interfering with gag. The pillow props Daniella at a slight incline so she will not have any problem with swallowing.

The formula trickles in slow but it is unrelenting. Daniella quickly finds the rhythm of the flow. The bulb slowly fills once full the excess squirts into Daniellas mouth. This causes her the swallow, which compresses the bulb and gives her a mouthful. It takes a few seconds for the process to repeat itself. Soon, Daniella is nursing virtually unconsciously the the feeder gag.

Bedtime ritual includes the drinking of a bulk laxative. By morning the combination of bulk laxative and prune juice before bed has lubricated and loaded Daniella bowels. The prune juice in the morning seems to ignite Daniella system and she soon feeling the cramps of bowel movement. Daniella is thankful it did not come on in the middle of the night. Such days are very difficult because of the diaper rash the invariably ensues from a night time movement. Even if Daniella had wanted to resist the pressure in her bowels, it would have been a loosing battle. Daniella relaxed and allowed nature to take its course. She grunted through the gag and the cramps barred down and a mushy mess jetted into her diaper. The diaper bulked out slightly in response but mostly the mess spread out again Daniella’s bottom. The bulk laxative turned the movement into a gelatinous mess. Between her diet and the bulk laxatives, it had been a long time since Daniella was allowed anything close to a solid movement. This made for episode of exceptionally messy diapers. The punishment Daniella feared most was being denied timely changes and being forced to endure the resulting dirty diapers.

Nanny was passing by as a particular noisy movement occurred. “Sounds like Daniella has made a mess”, She said poking her head in. These were always humiliating moments for Daniella. Being messy was such a unsettling feeling and having someone acknowledge it was always demoralizing. Daniella could only helplessly moan a response from behind the gag. It would be another 30 minutes before Nanny came to release her. Daniella could only hoped the messy slurry stayed in place.

Nanny came into the as Daniella waited in her miserably messy condition. It was time to get ready for the day. Nanny unlocked the crib and released Daniella for her overnight predicament. Daniella glanced at the changing table seeing several think diapers layed out.

“You are quite a mess so you will have to change in the tube,” Nanny directed. Nanny unlocked the locking plastic panties and with a swat to her full diapers, sent her off to the bathroom. Daniella got out a little pick changing bucket and lined it with a plastic bag before slipping of her protective plastic panties. She set the bucket in the tub and squatted over it before releasing the tabs of the disposable diapers. One by one she peeled off the layers, each layer messier than the last. Each underlay had been slit to allow the liquid to soak through. The final layer fell away and Daniella was left with the results of her morning movement. The gelatinous mess was spread both front and back. It even caked the chastity she wore, a CB3000. She took several baby wipes can began to methodically scape the mess away from her skin into the bucket below. The exhaust fan kept the odor down and Daniella sprits a floral scent in the air to eliminate the smell as best she could. Once she had removed as much as she could, she closed the shower curtain and used a shower wand to thoroughly wash herself. She also examined herself to make sure the body hair was all removed. She kept herself shaved from below the eye. This required a weekly ritual shaving with periodic maintenance of fast growth areas. She had recently begun a laser hair remove in hopes to once and for all eliminate all the unwanted hair, but this was a process that would take some time to complete.

Nanny popped into the bathroom as Daniella was finishing up. “Lets get you diapered and ready for the day”, Nanny said leading Daniella to the changing table by her wrist. Daniella followed Nanny’s lead and laid upon the thick diapers. Nanny mummed to her self as she spread some baby cream on Daniella bottom. Daniella always seemed to have sensitive spots but the messy diaper had been removed and cleaned soon enough so that diaper rash had not bloomed. Nanny ran her had to Daniella caged sex, slider her finds along the cage. The CB3000 denied any sensation from penetrating. Nanny spread some cream upon Daniella balls dangle below causing a moan of delight from Daniella.
“How long has it been now, two weeks?” Nanny inquired rhetorically. “If you are a very good girl, I may take the vibrator to you,” Nanny teased.

The diapers and CB 3000 made an effective chastity regimen that prevented any unauthorized pleasure. Locked in her sissy delight and denied regular release, Daniella was constantly in an erotic state. Satisfied with her torment, Nanny pulled the diaper between Daniella legs and fastened the tape. A slit had been made down the center of the diaper which fed into the next, slightly large one below. This was quickly secured with a third largest one over the top. The thickness forced Daniella to walk with a waddle as she could not get legs together with the bulk between them. Nanny pulled up a terry lined plastic panties to catch any leaks. The final layer was a locking part of pink plastic panties, which had a chain that rant through the waist band and locked in front. A pink T-shirt of pulled over Daniella’s head followed by a plastic romper. The bottom of the romper was cut generously to accommodate the thickest diaper arrangement.

“You are set for the day. Get yourself made up and report for duty,” Nanny snapped and headed out the door. The liquid of the breakfast had flushed through Daniella’s system and no sooner had she sat up from being changed; she felt the first tinkle of pee flow from her relaxed bladder. Daniella waddled to the makeup table and spent the next half hour completing her sissy transformation. Rosy cheeks, light pink eye shadow and lip stick. Her long hair topped by a pink bow. A pair of white anklet socks and black mary jane shoes completed the look.

It was midmorning when Daniella presented herself to Nanny in the kitchen. It was time for Daniella’s part of the Faustian bargain. In exchange for a place and Nanny’s loving attention, Daniella was responsible for all the domestic duties in the house. In addition to being the maid, Daniella acted as Nanny’s secretary. Nanny handed her a list of household chores that needed to be completed during the day. This bargain gave them both things that they needed. Daniella is able to live the dream (and sometimes nightmare) of a kept diapered sissy; in return Nanny received a well tended house, help with her business, and a loyal companion.

Visions of a Diapered Sissy
By Daniella

Part 2: Smiles and frowns

Daniella behavior is regulated through a system of rewards and punishments. These are tracked by Nanny with refridgerator magnets that had smiley or frown faces. Daniella could earn smiley faces by behaving well; completing her tasks timely; or enduring or performing a particularly hard task. The frowns would be earned by being anything less than submissively deferential to Nanny; being moody or at all unpleasant; leaking; messing up the house; or whatever it suited Nanny’s whim. Daniella could use the smiley faces to gain privileges and rewards.

1 smiley to Request an extra diaper change (Two changes are schedules, one before bed and one in the morning);
1/hour of computer privileges;
2 to offset 1 frown;
5 For an evenings liberty (6 to 10);
10 Request an orgasm;
15 Request a play scene.

Punishments are a little more fluid, but a here is a sample of common punishment:
1 cane stroke per frown;
1 hour of Corner time;
1 hour in the punishment chair;
1 hour early bedtime;
2 offset of 1 smiley;
Loss of walking privilege;
A dose of Caster Oil;
Butt Plug or Vibrator;

Earning the smiles and frowns is a combination of Daniella’s diligence and Nanny’s moods. Most days Daniella would earns her one for completing her chores and if Nanny is in a giving mood, would get another. If Nanny was in a particular playful mood or in the mood to dispense punishment, the frowns seemed to pile up quickly.

Corner Time:
Corner time is a challenging punishment. A cord ran down from a planter hook in the ceiling to a pink wood base plate on the floor. The cord is threaded through a pacifier and then Daniella is made to stand on the base plate. This holds the cord taught and Nanny then places the pacifier into Daniella’s mouth. The final step is to lock Daniella’s hands behind her back and he ankles together. While holding the pacifier in her mouth, Daniella is forced to stare into the corner. She is unable to turn her head without pulling the pacifier from her mouth. If the pacifier comes out it will fall to the floor and there is no way for Daniella to get it back in. She is help captive by her pacifier!

The challenge to it is time. After a few minutes, Daniella gets fidgety. With only a corner to hold her attention, Daniella mind races. This is an effective punishment when Nanny wants Daniella to think about the reasons for punishment. After 15 minutes Daniella wants nothing more than to be away from the corner. He mind cannot wander to far or she will likely drop the pacifier. If Nanny returns and the pacifier is out, than the corner time starts over. Nanny uses an old kitchen timer the ticks off the punishment time. Daniella is left with only a corner to view, a pacifier to suck and the tick of the timer to pass the time. Time passes very slowly as she contemplates her misbehavior.

Punishment Chair:
Nanny had a special chair build for Daniella. The chair was constructed to her measurements. It looked innocent enough sitting in the corner of Daniella’s room. It is a white highback arm chair design, which extended to the top of Daniella’s head. It had a little pink cushion on the seat. It’s regular duty is that of makeup desk chair. When used as the punishment chair, the cushion was removed to reveal several peg holes and four two inch slots that ran on either of Daniella’s thigh. Nanny would remove the box of special straps and cushions. Daniella sits in the chair and is then strapped tightly in. Straps are fitted tightly to Daniella’s ankle; thighs; waist; and immobilized her lower torso. A pair of straps cross her chest and pin her shoulders and chest to the chair. Straps around the upper arm and wrist pin her arm to the back and arm of the chair respectively. Onces secured, Daniella was strapped in a classic “proper” sitting position for a young lady. Back straight, shoulders back and chin up. Everything at 90 degree angles. And worst of all, completely unable to move or look around.

There are a couple of ways the Nanny liked in increase the punishment effect of the chair. The often liked to forces a laxative suppository into Daniella before placing her into the chair. Nanny slips on a glove and removes the suppository for the package. With just a small dab of lube, should would work her had down the back of Daniella’s diaper. With little resistance Nanny slips the suppository into Daniella’s bottom. Daniella moans has Nanny penetrates her bottom with two fingers. Nanny would work her fingers there for several minutes. This was not to bring pleasure to Daniella as it was to make sure the suppository had time to dissolve. Daniella is then secured to the chair. Usually Daniella is placed in front of the mirror and is forced to stare at herself, unable to look away.

Before the final strap is tighten, Daniella can feel the suppository working. It begins with a rumble in her stomach. This I soon followed by the passing of gas. Within 20 minutes the cramping would cause her to moan and tighten her stomach muscles. She would be double over if not for being held so firmly. The only relief from the cramps is to expel. The suppository makes the fecal matter very runny and Daniella feels the first jetting expulsion explode in all directions from her bottom. It flows up the back of her diaper around her groin and to her hips. The suppository has made a disaster in her diapers and everything will be thoroughly cleaned!

The other variant on the chair is special wood dildo that can be fixed to the pegs. Nanny uses these at a change before putting Daniella in a new diaper or will place the dildo in Daniella during a change and cut a small hold from the peg to stick threw. This allows for Daniella to be diapered and plugged with the dildo at the same time.

The dildo adds to the frustration of the chair. The dildo in forced deep in Daniella and the tight straps prevent her from working it around. Without any action, it becomes the dildo steadily more uncomfortable. Daniella body would involuntarily try and expel the plug. These stimulated her bowels to want to have a movement. Daniella rocked her hips the little she could to move the plug but is left frustrated on her seat.

Daniella must crawl:
Nanny’s favorite was to strip Daniella walking privileges is placing special studded leather pads in Daniella shoes. These are pads with 3/8” blunt metal studs in a foot shaped leather insert. This can be placed in any of Daniella’s shoes. With these in her shoes, Daniella could not bare to stand up. Putting any weight on the bottom of her feet drives the studs into her heel and the balls of her feet. It is too painful to stand for more the a few seconds. Without pressure the studs were tolerable and in time would more from her consciousness… unless she tries to stand! Nanny may also had ankle locks to prevent Daniella from removing the shoes when she is left unattended. Daniella is forced to crawl and can only perform duties at floor height.

Visions of a Diapered Sissy
By Daniella

Part 3: Daytime Diapered Sissy.

The Morning List:
Nanny is a woman of many talents. Self employed, she always had several project and on-going concerns going at any one time. She always had several balls in the air and Daniella helped to ensure none of them is missed. Daniella played the role of secretary taking care of the sundry business and household needs which allowed Nanny to focus on the creative aspect of her ventures.

Nanny taught a class four days a week. This took her out of the house from just after nine until one o’clock. She placed always left an ambitious “to do” list on the refrigerator before heading out for her appointments. This was a hodgepodge of task from appointments to make; supplies to order; letter to draft. She also prepared two bottles of various kinds for Daniella to drink in the ‘fridge and would mix a bottle with a bulk laxative to be drank before she left.

Daniella would scurry around to complete the assigned task. She had to work quickly to work through the whole list. If there are no snags, Daniella might have a change to complete something extra and earn extra smiles. The general rule was if she completed the list she would get a smiley face. If she did more, or had an unexpected and exceptional result on a task she might earn an extra smile. If she was able to get additional tasks done she would get an extra.

The last part of the list was instructions for lunch. Nanny would list out meal items. This day she had a salad with fresh greens and beets for herself and a medley of vegetables for Daniella. Just after noon, Daniella begins preparations for lunch. The takes pride in make in the presentation of Nanny’s salad making it look like it came from a fancy organic fresh café. Daniella lunch would be put through a food processor to reduce it to the consistency of baby food. She would place this in a bowl festooned with cartoons. Daniella keeps an eye out for Nanny’s approach so that the table is set and the food fresh for Nanny’s arrival. Nanny walks into house through the entry way off the kitchen.

“Welcome home, Nanny, “Daniella says with a curtsy. “Lunch is ready.”

Nanny is pleased to come home to a lunch. Before Daniella, she was always running around and was frequently short of time for a relaxing lunch. Having this all waiting for her upon her arrive is one of the things she liked best about their arrangement. A little oasis in the middle of what would have been a hectic day. Daniella freed up a lot of time and energy to be more productive but also gave her the opportunity to more fully enjoy herself, her home, and the activity she embarked upon.

“It is such a pleasure to come home to a wonderful lunch, Daniella,” Nanny replied, “now up in your chair.” Daniella stepped up into her high chair and feels the wet diapers squish out has she sits. Nanny locked the safety straps in place and then secures the tray to the chair, locking Daniella in place. A pink bib is fastened to Daniella incase she makes a mess. The bowl and a bottle of milk are placed on the tray before Nanny takes her place at the table.

“Now give me a report on the morning,” Nanny instructs. Daniella gives a full accounting while they ate. Nanny had omitted an giving Daniella a spoon she had to bring the bowl to her face to lick out its contents. It was impossible for Daniella to eat this way without getting some on her nose and chin. She looked like a right proper baby with a messy face by the end.

It is nearly 1:30 when Nanny says she has a client arriving in the studio soon. Nanny pours a bottle of prune juice and delivers it to Daniella who is still locked in the chair. “I will be back in about an hour,” Nanny states and heads to her studio. Daniella is left locked in her highchair with only her bottle to suck on for the next hour. Her diapers are getting quite full, Daniella thinks, as more pee dribbles into the drenched diaper.

Nanny returns after her appointment and releases Daniella from the chair. Daniella looks at the ‘fridge and sees two new smiley faces.

“Nanny, I need a change,” Daniella sheepishly requests.

“Ok Daniella, get the changing table ready and a fresh diaper is prepared. Strip down to just your diapers.” Nanny commanded. Daniella was an equal partner in her diaper desires. She was responsible for much of the work that surrounding her being diapered. Nanny had agreed to accept the arrangements under certain conditions. She would allow Daniella to experience a sissy diapered life, but had to be on her terms. These were that diapers would be required 24/7 (she wanted to be sure she really wanted it and not have to be perpetually negotiating around it); Daniella had certain responsibilities surrounding diaper so that things were not a burden on Nanny; and that Daniella would be at Nanny command and would do all tasks assigned without complaint. For her part, Nanny would ensure that Daniella was properly diapered, dressed and had a place to express herself and a role her life.

Visions of a Diapered Sissy
By Daniella

Part 4: Changing Adventures

Daniella prepared for her afternoon diaper change. The nursery changing table was six feet long and had a pink vinyl cushion that ran its length. A sturdy post rose from the center of one side which contained a braced beam which jutted out to the center of the changing table. The end of this beam had a pulley system which allowed a cable to drop down from a winch at the end of the table. Daniella lowered the cable it will be in easy reach. She lays out the triple layered diaper at the bottom of the table, carefully making a cut in shell of the inner two layers. A changing pad is then spread out and the container of baby wipes is opened. She then unsnaps the popper of the vinyl romper and carefully pulls it over her head so as not to mess up her make-up. The cool air chills her damp T-shirt. She looks in the mirror and is pleased that the laser hair removal had greatly reduced signs of her facial hair and she could go a whole day without a beard line reappearing.

Nanny arrives and looks over Daniella, naked but for her diapers. Daniella slight build and hairless body makes her look like a prepubescent girl. This seems so fitting. She looks down with a mischievous smile. . Daniella smiles nervously as this can only mean that Nanny has something up her sleeve. She clipped Daniella’s pink cuffs overhead and ran the safety strap over Daniellas chest. She then unfastens the tabs on the three layers of diapers leaving it loosely in place. Finally she fastens matching pink ankle cuffs; she secures these to the overhead cable. Nanny raises Daniella legs until it bottom lift off the table. With her bottom slightly raise, it is easy for Nanny to slip out the soiled diapers. She briskly wipes down Daniella’s bottom and around the chastity. Some fresh cream is efficiently slathered around to moisturize and help protect Daniella skin. The new diaper is then slid into place.

Nanny breaks from the changing routine and slides open a toy drawer in the changing table. Out of sight from Daniella, picks out a vibrator in which to place fresh batteries. She puts on some fresh gloves and pours some lube onto her fingers. Daniella can only wait and see what is in store for her. Nanny works her lubed fingers into Daniella bottom say how nice that must feel. It did indeed feel good to Daniella and she flexed her sphincter around Nanny’s fingers. Little butt love kisses.

Nanny put some lube on the vibrator and brought it to Daniella sissy ass. Daniella draws a breath in sharply as Nanny works the large vibrator into. Daniella exhales a moan as Nanny’s steady pressure pushes the slightly ribbed vibrator through the tightening muscle of Daniella ass. Nanny backs out slightly and pushes steadily deeper. Two inches in; one inch out; two inches in; one inch out… after half a dozen strokes, the vibrator is seated in place. All the while Nanny watches the muscles contract and relax, the chastity rising and falling with each stroke. Nanny then turns the vibrator with a grin. The shock waves cause Daniella’s his to quiver. Nanny quickly fastens the new diaper in place making sure they are snug against Daniellas bottom. The diaper will hold the vibrator in place. At most, Daniella would be able to force only half of the vibrator out before the diapers would stop its progress. Fresh high capacity batteries would ensure the vibrator would be going full force for many hours. Nanny lowers Daniella legs and releases her from the table. Daniella carefully roles off the table as the vibrator make sitting very difficult.

Daniella stands slightly unsteadily as the vibrator works its magic. She squirms against the table like she has ants in her panties.
“Keep you hands above your waist,” Nanny chides as she goes to the closet to pull out a new outfit. She deciders on her girl-scout outfit for the evening activities. She pulls mint green terry lined plastic panties; green knee high socks; a green scouting skirt, which was short enough for the think diapers to keep out slightly; a white polo shirt, with scouting decals; and green sash, cover with troop decals. The vibrator worked its way in and out each time Daniella bent over to dress herself. Nanny changed the wrist cuffs which had 12 inch chains attached. A matching collar is placed on Daniella and the wrist chains are locked to the collar. Locked like this, Daniella cannot reach below her waist and interfere in anyway with the vibrator. Nanny knew that vibrator would be driving Daniella crazy all evening long and there would be nothing she could do to remedy her situation.

Visions of a Diapered Sissy
By Daniella

Part 5: Evening Time

Daniella erratically bounces around like a two year old as the vibrator buzzes away in a sissy ass. The stimulation is un relenting and the vibrator works in and out with every change in position. The late afternoon is dedicated to domestic chores. Daniella runs a load of laundry; irons items in need; washes the lunch dishes; sorts mail; and tidies up the house. Nanny is working through some correspondence occasionally directing Daniella in some task..
“Daniella, fetch me a cup of spring cherry tea.”
“Daniella, I need some stamps from the office.”
“Daniella, run me a tub.”
“Daniella, help me zip up this blouse.”
“Daniella, I need you to run downstairs and get a…”

In her time in service, Daniella has become an extension of Nanny’s will; an extra pair of hands to work on project. Like magic, Nanny states her desires and Daniella makes it appear. In between commands, Daniella makes busily takes care of the house details freeing Nanny’s mind from such concerns.

The evening quickly approaches and it is time to prepare dinner. Nanny enjoys cooking though Daniella take care of most meals. Tonight’s meal includes pesto chicken (free range from the co-op) and Swiss chard. Daniella prepares the highchair and sets a place setting for Nanny; an extra spoon is placed with Nanny’s cutlery. Once the meal is finished, Daniella places half of the chicken and greens in the blender and puree’ it down to a pulp.

The meal is serves on a plate for Nanny and a bowl for Daniella. Nanny places a pad on the chair to help cushion the vibrator that has been working Daniella to distraction the last few hours. Daniella has not sat down since the vibrator was inserted so it has only be inserted a few inches for most of the afternoon. Daniella shutters as she prepares to sit for dinner. She sits slowly letting her weight thrust the vibrator in The pitch of the vibrator deeps as it slide further into her bottom. The vibrator penetrated to uncomfortable but not painful depth. This discomfort is quickly overwhelmed by the vibration. Nanny locks Daniella tightly into the seat forcing the vibrator its maximum depth. She places the spoon, bowl and bottle of milk on the tray and ties a bib around Daniella’s neck before taking her seat.

Nanny carries on a pleasant conversation as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Daniella is left wiggling on the seat with alternating feelings of excitement and discomfort. Distracted, the meal is cooling more quickly than she is eating. Daniella is still picking at her food when Nanny has finished.

“This finicky eating of your will cost you a frown. Now hurry and finish. Jonathan is coming over soon,” Nanny announces. Jonathan is the person Nanny is enjoying a flirtations summer romance with. He is a bright athlectic fellow who as flirted with the alternative lifestyle off and on his adult life. He is quite receptive to having Daniella around and enjoys teasing her in a playful way. Nanny encourages his little flirtations as they cause Daniella to blush with embarrassment just like a little girl.

Daniella sissy ass steadily works the vabrator. The deep penetration massages her prostate while stimulating her lower colon. It causes her to bare down as though she is desperately constipated. The vibrator plugs her up nicely leaving her with a desperate felling of needing to poop. She gains some relief from the erotic vibrations once Nanny lets her out of the high chair, but her need have a bowel movement in stronger than ever. As strong contractions spread she feels a liquid expulsion from her sissy ass. Not a lot is let through as the plug retreats as she stands but enough so that she feels messy.

Daniella is busy cleaning the dinner dishes when the door bell rings.
“Daniella, be a dear and get the door,” Nanny says. Daniella is always a bit nervous as it is sometime a delivery or solicitation rather than the expected guest. The vibrator thrusts in and out as she carefully walks down the steps to the door. With her hands tethered to her collar, she must bend down to work the door handle. She is relieved to see Jonathan standing in the doorway as she opens it in her girl-scout outfit. She opens the door and greets Jonathan with a curtsy.
“Such a little cutie,” Jonathan exclaims. He gestures for Daniella to lead the way, and Daniella is conspicuously aware of how exposed her diapered bottom is. Jonathan gives her bottom a playful swat which makes Daniella blush.

Nanny meets Jonathan at the top of the stairs with a kiss as Daniella looks on from behind. Once their embrace is broken, Daniella asks if he would like something to drink. Jonathan picks up a bag he had brought with him and takes out a bottle of wine and gives Nanny a look which asked “shall we partake?”
“Daniella get us couple of wine glasses and fetch the wine opener. Nanny and Jonathan exchange pleasantries as Daniella fetches the glasses and opener. Daniella sets the glasses and wine opener on the table as Nanny and Jonathan walk into the dinning room. Jonathan takes the opener and opens the bottle up. “Let that breath a bit before pouring the glass,” Jonathan says and they take there conversation into the sitting room. Daniella finishes putting away the dishes as they chat on the loveseat together. With this task completed, Daniella pours two glasses of wine and sets them on a tray. She give a shallow curtsy and offers them each a glass.

“Sounds like Daniella as something extra in her panties tonight,” Jonathan comments. “She was just buzzing away going up the stairs.”
“Tell Jonathan what you have,” Nanny instructed.
“Nanny put a vibrator in my sissy ass this afternoon,” Daniella recounted, squirming has she thought about it.
Daniella was instructed to turn around and Jonathan ran his hand along her plastic cover bottom.
“Oh yes, I can feel the end… right here,” Jonathan stated as her pushed the vibrator in slightly deeper. “You know if you ever need a sitter, I would be happy to take care of Daniella some evening,” Jonathan said with a smile which made Daniella blush as she felt the Vibrator go deeper.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea, but you must take care of me first,” Nanny said teasingly. “Prepare your breakfast and then go to the nursery and get things ready for bed.

Daniella stopped by the kitchen to prepared a bag of oatmeal. After placing this in the ‘fridge, she made her way to her nursery to prepare her overnight diaper and turn down the quilt in the crib. She organized the crib straps and then laid down in the crib to write a bit in her journal. Nanny appear in the door and looked at Daniella laying on her stomach on the crib with her ankles crossed near her well padded behind. The vibrator was still humming away. Nanny carried in a bottle of juice and some yogurt as a bed time snack for Daniella.
“Here is a little snack for you,” Nanny said, setting the tray down on the night table. Daniella rolled off to her side to face Nanny.
“Thanks you, Nanny,” Daniella said demurely.
“Let’s get these collars off you so you can get ready for bed,” said Nanny, unloaded the cuffs and collar. “Now eat your snack, was up and get yourself ready for bed. I will be back in a half hour.

Daniella quickly finished her snack so she could releave herself of the diabolical vibrator that had been tormenting her for the past five hours. She pulled step into the bathroom and slipped off her closes. She paced a pad and squatted to undo the diapers. This pushed the vibrator deeper into her bottom. She groan as she undid the tabs and the spread out of the pad below. When the third layer was released she vibrator finally popped free. Daniella let out a moan of relief. She also expelled quite a mess from her over stimulated bowels. She used the handy wipes to clean her bottom, wearing the latex glove she pulls out the vibrator and wipes this down also. She bundles to diapers up and places them in the diaper pail. She steps into the shower and quickly washes her faces and bottoms. This is one of her two 15 minute reprieves each day from her diapers. After drying herself, she takes a few minutes to put on a whisp of eye liner, mascara and light lip liner. Nanny often talked about tattooing some eye and lip liner on her which both scares and excites Daniella.

She can hear Nanny approaching as she slips a babydoll nightie over her head. It is 8:30, still well before her normal bedtime and just a little before the normal 9:00 changing time.
“Let’s get you in your diapers young lady, as I have little faith in your self control,” Nanny chides. Daniella can see Jonathan standing with his arms crossed. The smile on his face show he is enjoying seeing Daniella put through her paces. Daniella lays down on the diaper to prepare for her change. Nanny hands her an orange bottle that can only be the bulk laxative. Daniella sucks down the bottle while Nanny expertly spreads some baby powder. The diapers are secured, the terry lined plastic panties are then covered by a locking pair of plastic panties. Daniella is just finishing her bottle when instructed to put her hands out. Each hand is wrapped tight in the Vet Wrap and then a mitten pulled over and secured.

“It’s an early bedtime for the finicky eater tonight. Beside, Jonathan has offer to take me to the late show so we must leave soon. Quick into bed with you,” Nanny says with a clap of the hands.

Daniella bounds into bed and lays back. Nanny secures the waist harness belt to the sides of the crib. With this locked, Daniella could not get out. She locks a foot long chain to her wrists. She hands Daniella a bottle which required both mitten hands to handle. Daniella puts it in her house and sucks on the nipple. All the while Jonathan watched with a smile. Nanny kisses Daniella on the forehead and pulls the side of the crib up and locks it closed. The light was turn off leaving only the nightlight to illuminate the room. Nanny was off with Jonathan to the show before 9:00pm.

Just after midnight, Nanny quietly opens the door to the Nursery. She and Jonathan peek in at the sleeping princes. The bottle lays empty next the Daniella’s rosy cheeks. The blanket rhythmically raises and falls to her sleeping respirations. They quietly close the door and retire to Nanny’s room.

Visions of a Diapered Sissy
By Daniella

Part 6: Spending Smiles

Daniella lives the lifestyle of a diapered sissy. Although dressing and diapers are always a part of her life now, big play scenes are still a rare treat. In general there is some light play that accure once or twice a week. , that occur once or twice a week. Usually these are played out through little punishments. Such as locking a vibrator in Daniella’s bottom, that Nanny dispenses. These little things energize Daniella and keep her working diligently.

When Daniella is very good and refrains for frittering away her smiling credits she can earn a play date. Daniella does her best to try and be on track to earn one once a month. Her goal is to add one every other day. This is difficult because she is tempted by privileges and needs for midday diaper changes. It is particularly difficult after she has 10 because she has enough to earn a much desired orgasm. Nanny loves to tease Daniella mercilessly once she reaches this point and does what she can to tempt her. She spends extra time putting lotion on sissy balls while whispering house good it would feel to have a release. How if she wanted she could have her chastity off right this moment and have a little cum in her diapers for the day. As the smiles came closer to the magical 15, Nanny would offer to be free of the chastity for the whole day if she took the privilege of the orgasm.

To prolong the game of frustration Nanny would find a couple of even the most minor infractions and use them to pull off a smile just to enhance the frustration. She would then tease Daniella and offer to remove the chastity and offer her breast to suckle. This is very hard to refuse. A month since her last release and such a tempting offer is too much for Daniella this day and she relents.

Nanny takes Daniella to the Nursery for a diaper change. She places Daniella’s pillows so she will be propped up to the correct height. She removes unlocks the plastic panties and removes the diaper leaving only the chastity remaining. Daniella curses her weakness as her precious 13 smiles are reduced to 3. Nanny slips off the chastity thoroughly wiping her sissy clit clean with baby wipes. Nanny pulls something from the drawer before having Daniella sit up so she could take a seat on the table. Daniella peers over her shoulder at Nanny as she unbuttons her blouse. She is perpendicular to Nanny so cannot see her breast past her now loose-fitting blouse.

“Put your hands back,” Nanny say, guiding her cuffed left wrists to strategically placed rings on the table. “Head forward,” Nanny commands, and takes out a pink sleeping blindfold and slips it over Daniella eyes. Daniella feels crest fallen now that she know the she will be denied the privilege of seeing Nanny’s bosom. Nanny guides Daniella across her lap; adjusting the pillow so her head nestles to her breast. The nipple hardens as Daniella begins to suckle. Nanny secures Daniella’s right wrist so her hands are safty out of the way. One arm supports Daniella’s head while the other loosely pulls the diapers up loosely around Daniella’s groin. Nanny deftly handles a bottle of baby lotion squiring a health amount into her hand. She slides this inside the loose diaper and massages Daniella’s sissy clit. Daniella wiggles with delight as she sucks on Nanny’s nipple. Nanny’s fingers mirror Daniella’s tongue bringing causing her clit to expand. A month’s frustration brings Daniella quickly to peak arousal. Nanny relaxes her manipulation on just hold Daniella’s clit so she doesn’t squire to quickly. She is not without heart in the manners of frustration. She did sometime bring her off quickly, but today she let Daniella’s pleasure linger for a while. She just held Daniella clit in her hand and periodically squeezed it. Daniella cooed between the desire to cum and the desire to make this moment last. She rocked her hips from the first impulse and quickly regretted this as it was enough to bring her past the boiling point. A deep moan filled the room as she squired into the loose diaper.
“There you are sweety. Now wasn’t that worth while,” Nanny teased as she pulled Daniella head from her breast.
“Oh thank you, Nanny,” Daniella replied in the post orgasm glow.

Nanny carefully maneuvered herself off the changing table and re-secured Daniella to the table. Nanny peeled down the unsecured diapers and relocked the chastity back into place. Daniella reprieve had lasted a bare 20 minutes. The quick release gave only a moment’s relief and Daniella already felt a need for more stimulation. She would have to wait another month before such an opportunity.

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