“The great object of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even though in pain.” ~Lord Byron~

Pain is a great teacher. For some it is a necessary corrective measure, arduous but effective. For others it provides a diverting catharsis, enrapturing in its intensity. As a skilled, empathetic sadist, SHE relishes leading you on an intensive and enlightening journey you will find difficult to forget. Whichever setting SHE chooses for you, it is her responsibility, and her pleasure, to ensure that you learn your lesson very thoroughly…

Her implements of pain and correction:

– Traditional Corporal and Domestic Discipline

– Percussive Impact Play

– Precise Nipple and Geni-torment

– Wicked Predicaments

– Advanced Techniques, including Electrical and Hot Wax

Corporal Punishment

A spanking? You are not a little kid anymore! You protest, but I take you over my knee anyway, holding you firmly in place as I begin my humiliating assault on your backside. You try to steel yourself, but my hand is heavy, and deep down you know you deserve it. Tears spring to your eyes – you don’t know how much longer you can hold them back. Thankfully, the onslaught stops just in time. You climb off my lap, proud that your eyes, though burning, are still dry. I hold your chin, forcing you to look me in the eye. The disappointment you see there chastens you, but it’s the tenderness that’s unbearable. You blink desperately, but the tears spill over anyway. Yes, you deserved this. And oh, what a relief it is to get it at last…

Pain Play

Stay, do not turn your head away. I want you to see who’s doing this to you. See how much pleasure it accords me: the surprise in your eyes when I touch you gently, the answering glint in mine as I begin. Pain steals over you slowly, intensifies, becomes intolerable – you plead for its end. Finally, I pull away, and you find it unbearable. How it makes me tremble to watch you suffer for me, how my palms perspire. I allow you a few breaths before I move in again. You are surprised anew at how gentle my touch can be, how dark the glint in my eye. You try to prepare yourself for what you know will come, but it’s fruitless – pain licks at you again, intensifies, makes you swoon. The world disappears around us, leaving only your skin, my hands, your whimpers, my smile.

Before the Bitch Boss in the Office

Despite Bob’s initially positive response to disciplinary intervention, he has regressed.  Complacency has replaced diligence, callousness respect for authority, and arrogance humility.  This must change.  Kathyrn, a Level Two Disciplinarian, has agreed to meet with Bob.  She will strip him bare of any pretense of status or clothing.  Any shred of either will be relegated to a remote corner of the room while she disciplines him.  Bob will be probed physically and emotionally while forced to confront the issues that have undermined his attitude and performance.  Firm, measured applications of discipline shall effect an immediate and noticeable attitude change.  Bob is expected to accept his punishment with humility and piety, as this may well be his second and final chance to redeem himself.  Placed in corner-time, bare, red bottomed and sobbing, he will contemplate his transgressions and re-commit himself to better behavior.  If he is sincere in his apology, Bob will be nurtured and comforted, then sent on his way.  Squirming in his seat, the lessons of the day shall guide his decisions and persistently remind him that actions have consequences.

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