Power dynamics are inherently collaborative and endlessly engaging. Each of you brings to the exchange something delightful for the other to enjoy. SHE gives you her close attention, showering you with little intimacies and torments designed to induce your willing submission. Your sighs, your whimpers, your shudders, your tears – these are the means by which you thank her. SHE adores lovely things, and nothing is more beautiful to her than your heady surrender, nothing more perfect than your unheeded desire…

Her implements of Control:

– Bondage, Restriction, Restraint (using rope, leather, and metal )

– Seduction and Denial

– Embarrassing Predicaments

– Male Disempowerment Training

– Sensory Deprivation and Overload

– Granting the worship of my extremities


Relax, my dear, you’re not going anywhere. My bonds will hold. You hear the creaking of leather and the feel the heavy clink of chains as you twist to watch me ready the ropes. I close in and slowly begin to weave them over you. You close your eyes to better feel them conduct their sly vibrations across your skin. At length, I step back, and your apprehension mounts as you realize your predicament. You strain, but you know it’s futile. I close in again, a quiet smile playing across my lips. A delicious languor steals over you. There is no help for it; you are mine to torment.