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For My Guests …

The Domina Kathryn now accepts major credit cards:  AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Also, if you book a session of Two or more hours with the Domina Kathryn, she offers her guests complimentary car service via Uber (Town cars and Limousines) to pick you up from your home, office or hotel and will return you to same.  For more information about Uber visit their website at

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The Domina Kathryn’s List: Pet Peeves

This list is presented in no particular order. All of it is important information for you to read, learn, and follow.

The Domina Kathryn’s List of Pet Peeves:

  • If you want to get this close to the Domina Kathryn … you’d better not smell like ass.
  • Impoliteness – mind your manners; brush off those seldom-used words in your vocabulary like ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ And make sure you address her as she prefers. If you’re not sure – ask.
  • Talkiness – listen more and speak less – it’s an easy way to keep yourself out of trouble.
  • Tardiness – arrive exactly when you are instructed. Not 5 minutes early, or 5 minutes late. Really – it’s that simple.
  • Hygiene – seriously? Even if you’re there for some barnyard role play, there’s no excuse for showing up smelling like a filthy pig.
  • Dishonesty – no one likes a liar.

Time wasters

Prodomme List of Pet Peeves:

Like most prodommes, the Domina Kathryn spells out exactly what you must do if you have any hope of serving her in person. Ignore her at your peril.

This is a category which includes several undesirable behaviors, all of which are repellent to pro-dommes:

  • Clients who can’t articulate what they want
  • Clients who are indecisive
  • Clients who don’t follow stated contact protocols
  • Clients who try to get free email/phone domination
  • Clients who communicate excessively by email or text

The bottom line is, making an inquiry and scheduling a session should be a fairly quick and simple process. Normally, the prodomme you are interested in seeing will spell out her communication preferences on her web site. Her time is valuable, so show some respect. It usually takes only a brief email exchange or a phone call to set up a session – unless she prefers otherwise.


Everyone has to start somewhere; ignorance is not the same as being a novice. Many – but not all – prodommes welcome and enjoy working with newbies. But even the greenest would-be worshiper has a duty to inform himself of the basics. Ignorance is the willful act of remaining unaware and uneducated. It’s a sign of laziness or carelessness that is not attractive in a would-be client. Examples of ignorant behavior frequently appearing on prodomme’s lists include:

  • Ignoring her stated hard limits and/or specialties – this info is listed on her web site for a reason. And here’s a hint: it isn’t to provide you with masturbation material.
  • Requesting a scripted scenario or session – there is a fine line between communicating your desires, and giving her a to-do list. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. If she wants more specifics, she’ll ask.
  • Failing to follow instructions – if you can’t or won’t follow her simplest directives, she’ll quickly decide you’re unworthy of further attention and dismiss you.
  • Telling her you have ‘no limits’ – this will immediately tag you as a poseur, fool, or cyber-wannabe.
  • Mentioning your wife or significant other – she doesn’t care, ok? When you are in her presence, she should be the only woman on your mind.

There’s no excuse for cluelessness when wisdom is just a few clicks away on the World Wide Web. You can’t learn everything you need to know about D/s online, but you can get a pretty good start.


This category is populated with seemingly obvious offenses. You wouldn’t think any of these would be difficult, but that’s apparently not the case for some guys. These apply to all aspects of your life, not just meeting a prodomme.

Portions of the above article are courtesy of Fet Pro

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5 Questions Never to Ask a Pro-Domme

Portions of this article are courtesy of Fet Pro:

Chances are, the pro-domme of your predilection hears these questions at least once a week, and it’s like the sound of nails on a chalkboard to her. One of the quickest ways to earn a red flag next to your name is to waste her time and yours with one of these thoughtless inquiries. So save yourself the heartache and banish these thoughts from your mind before you open up a new email or dial the phone.

1. Can I be your personal slave?

If you want to make a positive first impression on the DOMINA KATHRYN, don’t ask one of these questions.

You might as well just tell her that you’re cheap, broke, looking for a freebie, or all of the above, because this question will get you the same response. While some professional dominas do make use of personal slaves, as a rule, they are extremely selective about who they choose for this privilege. In general, a personal slave is someone she has known for a long time through a personal or professional context, and who has earned her trust with deeds, not words.

2. Do you have a boyfriend/husband/significant other?

Whether you ask this question of your hairstylist or a dominatrix, they both can see your sad and creepy follow-up question a mile away. If they want you to know they’re single and/or available, they’ll make sure you have no doubts about it. Otherwise, it’s none of your business.

3. Do you ________ ?

Save yourself the trouble and assume that she’s going to “just say no” to any sexual overtures. You’ll be much better off entering into an encounter with a pro-domme with zero expectations in this regard. In practice, your mileage may vary. But if she knows you’re expecting it, you’re giving her all the more reason to deny you. Then again, maybe that’s what you actually need. Trust her to know what’s best for you.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Very, very few professional dominatrixes offer any type of discount or price break on their tribute. And most will be insulted if you ask. If you don’t see it mentioned on her web site, then don’t bring it up. Otherwise, it’s a great way to get started off on the wrong foot with her.

5. What are you going to do to me?

Asking this question is a great way to get yourself tagged as a wannabe who’s only looking for wank material. When it’s time to discuss possible activities and fetishes she’ll let you know, and more than likely, she’ll ask you to outline a few things you’d like to experience. But don’t expect her to tell you what’s going to take place during your session. For one, this is something she’s going to figure out as the scene unfolds, and she’ll want the flexibility to be spontaneous. But more importantly, she’ll think you’re looking for free phone sex.

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